about me

Video games have always been a part of my life. I grew up playing my treasured Nintendo system. This nerdy hobby ignited an unquenchable passion. I started seeking information to get a better understanding of the development of video games. It is that early interest that has that led me to VFS 30 years later. 

However, long before level design I studied music for 9 years, specifically the violin, drums and singing. My musical background has allowed me to appreciate what a significant role sound can play in life, as in fiction.  

Over time, I started gravitating towards games with more intricate scripts. I have always had an incredible love for storytelling. I realized early the kind of power that creating compelling content and providing context can have in stories. That's what pushed me to attend the IAD (The Art of Broadcasting Institute) in Brussels. 

My time at IAD empowered me to tell stories through pictures. I learned to convey the right emotion to the audience by manipulating flow, pacing and audio, and through an attentive devotion to the optimal viewer experience. 

At the Vancouver Film School, I developed a comprehensive set of skills, integral to the creation of video game levels. This, combined with my personal gaming experience and my training as a video editor, has allowed me to have a very imaginative and innovative approach to my work.

As a side note, I grew up in a multicultural home. As a family, we traveled all over the world. I was exposed to a variety of different cultures at an early age and took an early interest in the human condition and in philosophy, which was actually my first area of interest in college. I sought to gain a deeper understanding of the world and its fundamentals, which drove my desire to know more in order to get to know myself better. I strive to keep a very open mind and to continue to learn during my journey through this world. 

Outside of level design, I enjoy the simple things: a good day of skiing, followed by a fondue served with a good glass of Chardonnay. I continue to travel. I like capturing moments and new places with my camera. I love gloomy atmospheres, so I venture out to discover the more desolate corners of a city to find inspiration for my games. I also have a fascination with old hotel signs. I like reading novels or philosophy works, jogging, keeping myself active, playing board games with friends, and singing my mood. 

My Skills

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