I have always been interested in and influenced by art. Here is a section where I showcase different ways to express myself. 

Beyond The Illusion

"Beyond the Illusion" is an audio driven art project built in 2013 at the Vancouver Film School. The piece combines a wooden box installation covered with garbage bags with a constant video loop and audio edit aired inside the box.

The title alludes to the fact that the places we call home as humans can never be considered truly safe. The audio narrates the story of a junkie who breaks into a house, commits a rape and then injects himself with one final, lethal dose of heroin.

The juxtaposed graphic video edit contrasts with the drama of the audio and suggests a feeling of calmness, as referred to by the title of the piece as the "Illusion."

Headphones and darkness are recommended to have a better immersive experience.


Ferdinand is a papier-mache and chicken wire hand made piece. The piece is an allusion to the fact that reading is becoming obsolete in our modern days. 

Ferdinand is sitting on his head that is actually a TV showing the famous motif of "The false Mirror" from the Belgium painter René Magritte. Ferdinand holds a book in his hands that reflects his own vacuity. Indeed, the book is almost empty, covered by lines. 

Les voyages Verticaux ou les pensees suspendues -  the vertical travels or the hanging thoughts

This project is the fruition of a collaboration with a Congo-Swiss Artist Cecile N Duhirahe. We worked on the theme of "Roving". Wondering what defines someone as Stateless, we combined pictures and poems in a fold paper format. The piece is hanging in an space and the viewer has the possibility to unfold it vertically to discover the content within.  

Click here to download the pdf