I have always been interested in framing and using a camera.  Here you can see some galleries of series of photographies I have taken.


Confusion is a series that explores the boundary between film and photography. Questioning the theme of  identity, a woman wakes up in a hospital room and observes objects that define the identity of the place, as if it was her first time, looking for landmarks in a cold universe made of steel. The woman starts to feel anxiety and fears to loose herself. She wanders around, explores and examines elaborately every objects, which are captured in close-up, where everything seems new.  In the bathroom though,  she finds something personal and reassuring. 

DIPTYCHS - the eyes are the mirror of the soul

This series took place when I was studying philosophy and anthropology in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It was one of the first series I have made and I was regardless of technical consideration. This series reflects more my state of mind during this period. Taking the approach of the participant-observer in ethnography, my goal was to let people drive me while taking pictures of a place that we would define together after discussing and a portrait of themselves in this precise place as if the place and the person were conversing silently.

Belles Bruxelles

Belles Bruxelles is a first reaction where I moved to Brussels in Belgium. It is a simple and illustrative series, depicting a little bit of absurdity and the disorder which takes over the city.