Fallen hero

Fallen hero is a 2.5D exploration and puzzle game where you take control of a hero trapped in a tower. The game blends exploration with first person puzzles sequences. The player has to escape this creepy tower where some abominations wander around.  

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DESIGN pillar

"Myst meet Zelda"

Design Highlights

  • Three puzzles throughout the level serving the story and blocking the player's progression. 
  • Puzzles enhance the claustrophobic experience.
  • High punishing death system to force the player to think and not to try the combinations randomly
  • Pick-up and an inventory system
  • Environment traps and instant enemy kill using them

1. The painting puzzle

  • Increase the game narrative with an art theme
  • Clue: He never sees the truth

2. The password door puzzle

  • Logic puzzle with numbers
  • Clue: two dates on the note 

3. The locked door

  • Key-door puzzle

4. Environment traps

  • Environment interaction 
  • Traps (de)activation