After playing the Batman games, I decided to create a level based on the Riddler. Batman requires the Riddler's help to get information about who is targeting him. The Riddler agrees to help him, provided Batman completes some challenges, for the Riddler's own amusement.

Content and work summary

  • Recreation of the third person template
  • Level layout grid of 10
  • Blueprint creations and communication
  • Visual scripting
  • Sound implementation
  • Lighting for player path
  • No art included except for level or narrative purposes
  • Optimisation

Project pictures

Play the level

Download the level from my Google Drive folder and try it out. PC build only. Use keyboard and mouse to play. 

Download: Click here

Sound design

I collaborated with the music composer Lucas Delmenico to give the level a sound atmosphere. All the sounds were created by him. With the link below, you can access his sound cloud.

Click here to access lou45 sound cloud page 


Listen to one of the tracks from the level