Space Berserkrs is a 3D third-person action game with melee combat mechanics, where players take the role of the Space Viking Captain, Ulfar, who is raiding a Dino Techmarine base to bring justice to the galaxy. Players will also have a chance to explore meteorite caves on foot to clear the way for his ship by battling through waves of space dinosaurs using powerful melee attacks. 


The game won Best Final Project prize during the award ceremony at the Vancouver Film School


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When Walt Disney rides meet Time Crisis


  • Creation of world maps, mission design maps and the level design section in the GDD 
  • Whitebox in engine, creation of level design modular assets, art assets implementation in the level collaborating with the environment artist. 
  • Creation of splines for the trail and visual scripting made in engine to create events using modular scripts. 
  • Creation of environment puzzle to implement the deflecting mechanic and create more content. 
  • Creation of player path and in game dialogue. 
  • Pacing and flow intentions: no more than 5 seconds can pass without action on screen. 
  • Keep it arcady and juicy

world MAP and missions maps

Modular DESIGN

  1. Visual Scripting based on a system of action and events, condition is null, and triggers. 

      2. Space stations assets  

 Right: Rooms

- An hexagonal piece form the floor and the ceiling. The walls have a trapezium section. Their 60 degree  rotation is based on the pivot point of the hexagonal piece in order to iterate faster while building the space stations.

Middle: hallway

- Rectangular floor and wall

Left: hallway

- Non horizontal rectangular wall and floor.  

 Level Design Document

Here you can download the Level design doc for Space Berserkrs

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