Video and sound editing is another passion I have. I studied editing at the IAD in Brussels and worked as a News Editor for the Swiss Television. Some of the projects are accessible through the hyperlinks; click on the underlined links and watch. 


Produced by MediaDiffusion - Louvain-La-Neuve, Brussels - 2012

EN: The shelter's address has to remain secret, for her and for all the other women.
Her cell phone vibrates in her pocket. She is told to turn it off. It is out of question.

FR: L’adresse du refuge doit rester secrète, pour elle et pour toutes les autres femmes.
Son téléphone vibre dans sa poche. Rae tressaille. On lui demande de l’éteindre. Il n’en est pas question.

Rae won multiple awards all over the world including the Jury Prize at the Festival69 Creative Art

Interface Entreprise 

Interface Entreprise

Corporate movie for the Department of Public Instruction - Geneva - Switzerland

This video clip promotes the service of Interface Entreprise

Space Berserkr's Trailer

For the promotion of our final project at VFS, I edited the trailer using Adobe premiere and Adobe After Effects. Click on the underlined title below to go to the page and watch the trailer. 

school projects

Le reve  (The Dream)

Only in French. The dream is a personal final project at IAD. Some footage is given and I had to create an edit with a time restriction. The dream is only in French

Dum Diddly (Black Eyed Peas) - Remake clip project

Dum Diddly remake is a school exercise realized during the last year of studies at the IAD. The students of the TV and film making section shoot the footage and collaborate with the editing department to create a video clip on a music of their choice.  

Mini Fiction

Only in French. The mini fiction is a project where two video editors pair up and edit some footage retrieved by the school but filmed by a French TV production channel. Being two, we have to create a new narrative and create the sound edit.